Recipe // Cherry BBQ Chicken Thighs

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cherry season! Especially here in Michigan. Traverse City is one of the biggest producers of cherries in these parts, so we don't have to go very far to find the best ones. In fact, they are so enthusiastic about cherries that they have an entire festival dedicated … Continue reading Recipe // Cherry BBQ Chicken Thighs


A “Grill Out” Meal for Apartment Dwellers

I guess I should call it a "grill in" huh? My biggest regret is not renting a house on the East Side when we first moved to Lansing. Sure we've had two opportunities to move each time our lease is up, but, but we painted already!¬†You can't just LEAVE a place with a mid-century blue … Continue reading A “Grill Out” Meal for Apartment Dwellers

Happiness Isn’t Always The Best Way To Be Happy

Yeah, I'm a Spike Jonze fanatic. Did anyone expect anything different from me? Let me clarify... This quote was pulled directly from his film adaption of "Where The Wild Things Are" which I hated the first time I watched it, but then I couldn't stop watching it, and then I realized that it was actually … Continue reading Happiness Isn’t Always The Best Way To Be Happy

Self-Care for Seasonal Depression

Spring is (sort of) upon us. For most people, this brings upon joyous anticipation of sunshine and warmer weather. For a lot of people with seasonal depression, there seems to be a kind of sigh of relief that we can resume our life with a greater degree of normalcy than we were able to accomplish … Continue reading Self-Care for Seasonal Depression

What If We Took Up More Space?

Where did this idea come from? That women aren't supposed to be strong? We want to be skinny. We want to be "toned". We don't want to look like men. We spend time on the treadmills and ellipticals, allowing the heavy lifting to continue being a boys club. We keep contributing to this idea that … Continue reading What If We Took Up More Space?

Recipe | Green Goddess Smoothie

So today is Valentine's Day. And I feel, as a food blogger, that I should share something that is heart shaped or pink or drizzled with chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate, but that's probably never the kind of blogger I'm going to be. I also have a hard time getting into Valentine's … Continue reading Recipe | Green Goddess Smoothie

Food Crush Friday #1 | My Coffee Ritual

I've never been able to decide if I am a morning or a night person. I like mornings-- actually I love them. For four years in college, I worked at Starbucks and had the dreaded 5am opening shift pretty much every day. So I guess you could say I'm a morning person. However, if left … Continue reading Food Crush Friday #1 | My Coffee Ritual