Recipe // Cherry BBQ Chicken Thighs

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cherry season! Especially here in Michigan. Traverse City is one of the biggest producers of cherries in these parts, so we don't have to go very far to find the best ones. In fact, they are so enthusiastic about cherries that they have an entire festival dedicated … Continue reading Recipe // Cherry BBQ Chicken Thighs


Recipe // Paleo Burrito Bowls With Green Chili Salsa

Before we get to the important part of this post... I have to tell a tale of the various woes one might encounter in the produce aisle. When Rob and I first started dating, I once asked him to pick up some potatoes from the store on his way over. A simple enough task, one … Continue reading Recipe // Paleo Burrito Bowls With Green Chili Salsa

A “Grill Out” Meal for Apartment Dwellers

I guess I should call it a "grill in" huh? My biggest regret is not renting a house on the East Side when we first moved to Lansing. Sure we've had two opportunities to move each time our lease is up, but, but we painted already!¬†You can't just LEAVE a place with a mid-century blue … Continue reading A “Grill Out” Meal for Apartment Dwellers

Recipe // Chocolate Coconut Paleo “Granola”

My mom has always called me her "granola girl" which I think has more to do with how crunchy I am than how often I actually eat granola. Since I was 11 or so I've been making her buy natural toothpaste and grass fed cheese and recycled paper towels... you know... the usual. I've been … Continue reading Recipe // Chocolate Coconut Paleo “Granola”

Recipe // Cashew Butter + Chia Seed Jam Cups

It's pretty rare that I go for this kind of recipe. Baking is for sure not my thing, and even when it's not really "baking" (meaning you just mix it up and put it in the freezer) I just have a hard time getting everything just right. And I can't deal with wasting ingredients on … Continue reading Recipe // Cashew Butter + Chia Seed Jam Cups

Bone Broth 4 Ways

Bone broth is having a moment right now. I'm pretty good with it-- even when I read this NPR article¬†telling me that broth loving hipsters are driving up the price of bones. Calling people hipsters for liking things is also having a moment right now. I'm not as good with that one... but I digress. … Continue reading Bone Broth 4 Ways

Pink Moon Smoothie Bowl

I definitely get accused of being into some hippie woo woo shit from time to time. It's okay. I feel like paying attention to the moon cycles is the most socially acceptable woo woo out there though, so I tend to be a bit more vocal about it. Every once and a while a full … Continue reading Pink Moon Smoothie Bowl