Food Crush Friday #1 | My Coffee Ritual

I’ve never been able to decide if I am a morning or a night person. I like mornings– actually I love them. For four years in college, I worked at Starbucks and had the dreaded 5am opening shift pretty much every day. So I guess you could say I’m a morning person. However, if left to my own devices, I wouldn’t get out of bed until 1pm in the winter. I’ve never been the type to spring out of bed at the crack of dawn (because “dawn” here just means the sky is a brighter color grey) and have been known to hit the snooze button for up to an hour.

If I am indeed a morning person, it is for one reason only; coffee. Sometimes, before bed, I start getting giddy just thinking of being able to drink coffee in the morning. I love everything about it; the smell, the warmth, the ritual of making it just the right way…. and I dunno about you guys, but I always wanted to be a potions professor at Hogwarts so I think that making my coffee in the mornings is the closest I may ever get.

On that note: I am going to kick off a new series here on my blog!

Food Crush Fridays!!! (cause coffee is definitely it’s own food group)

I love being able to share the things I’ve really been digging with you guys. In fact, I think it’s one of my favorite things about social media and food blogging. I will never tire of seeing all the great companies out there providing AMAZING and healthy products for us. I love seeing what other people are obsessing over. I love obsessing over things myself.

So for my very first Food Crush Friday, I thought it only appropriate to share with you the products and rituals I start my day with every single day.

My Magic Potion Bulletproof Coffee

When I first heard about the idea of putting butter in your coffee, I thought it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of. Then I tried it. It changed my life. It’s creamy and frothy like a delicious latte without any milk and the best part is that I was getting less of those jitters and anxiety that sometimes comes with coffee consumption, and was instead left with a more sustained energy throughout the day.

Now, not only do I drink a “bulletproof” style coffee every single day, I’ve been having so much fun putting different “potions” and superfoods in it to kick it up a notch.

First of all– I have to start out on the right foot with a great, locally roasted coffee, ground with my hand held burr grinder (you don’t have to be as pretentious as me, but it does contribute to the witchy potions brewing vibe) and of course, the lord of all brewing equipment– the Chemex…


Again, it definitely isn’t necessary to get this fancy. Know that it’s taken years for me to get to this point and also know that when Rob and I first moved in together we collectively had every piece of brewing equipment known to man. I didn’t build this collection overnight or on my own.

Next up: the potions!

I like to talk to people about Vital Protiens all the time. People also ask me about them all the time. Because I talk about them all the time… do you see the cycle here? I’m obsessed. It’s the only protein powder I use and I’ve never felt the need to vary. I always recommend their Collagen Peptides to people because it’s AMAZING! You can mix it in literally anything. Coffee, tea, the tears of the patriarchy… anything. It dissolves in hot or cold water and doesn’t taste like anything at all.

Collagen is really good for you because it’s something that is already in our bodies. It’s what makes our bones strong, our skin elastic, and our hair and nails grow. It also has 12g of protein per serving. I’ve been recently loving their Beef Gelatin as well because it makes the froth in my coffee NEXT LEVEL! It’s also good for that gut so you know I’m all about it cause good health starts in the gut!


So I love them both for different things. The collagen will dissolve in anything, the gelatin on the other hand, you have to blend. They’re also both great in smoothies and as an added bonus, your hair and nails will grow faster than you’ll know what to do with!

And now for the rest of the goodies:


I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, so I won’t go too in depth about the benefits of all these: but I will tell you what I know, why I love them, and why.

MCT Oil: Short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, AKA healthy fat! I like eating a fairly high fat diet because I have more sustained energy and don’t feel hangry as often. I try telling everyone not to be afraid of fats because your body needs them. I could do a whole post just on fats. But I won’t. (I can however, point you to some brilliant resources if you are curious) I love putting this in my coffee along with grassfed butter or ghee. It’s the fat that gives it the amazing creamy froth!

Maca and Ashwaganda: Magic Potions!! But really though. They’re both great for hormone balancing and I dunno about you guys but I just feel like hormones run my life for me sometimes! I’ve been making a huge effort to incorporate hormone balancing things into my diet lately. That also means limiting screen time at night, getting good sleep, managing stress better, etc… but there are also things to put into your body that can help you out as well and maca and ashwaganda are at the top of my list. Bonus on the ashwaganda: I really enjoy the way it tastes with coffee and it’s another thing that keeps me from loosing my shit from a caffeine spike.

I put all of these things in my blender (I have a Ninja) plus the not-pictured butter (cause the package was 1/2 gone and wasn’t pretty to photograph) and blend my heart out!


And here is what the final product looks like. I want to swim in this. Or maybe just soak in it like a jacuzzi tub…


So there’s my current food crushes (or I guess they’re more like supplement crushes huh?) Every morning I look forward to blending up some magic with all these products.

The ritual of coffee making has always been fascinating to me. If all else fails throughout the day, there will at least be that. It’s also another thing that keeps my mornings somewhat routine. I’ve talked about this before, but my morning routine is probably the biggest paramount to my mental health throughout the day. I don’t always nail down every aspect of a routine every day, but I can always count on coffee to be a part of it.

If anyone wants more in depth info about anything I shared (since I’m not the right person to ask, but I do have some resources from people who actually do research on this stuff) feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

And now a question for YOU. What do you want to see in future Food Crush Friday posts? I’ve been thinking of doing different themes like probiotic foods, favorite fats, condiments, etc. but I’d love some feedback. I’m in this to help you guys (it’s not just to hear myself talk despite how I sometimes feel about this whole endeavor… nervous laughter…) Okay now you go!!