Real Food on a Real Budget

I get it guys! Real food is more expensive!

I’m not here to give you financial advice though. I can point you in many other directions if that is what you’re looking for. For us, food is our biggest priority. We don’t really buy a lot of clothes or go out super often but man, do we eat. And I’m spoiled. I’ll admit. I buy a lot of fancy things that aren’t absolute necessities just because I love them and how they make me feel. You don’t need vegetables watered with unicorn tears to eat healthier though…

That being said: I am going to share my number one secret weapon for saving money on healthy living.

Thrive Market

I’m glad you asked (I mean, for those of you who thought to yourself, “what is Thrive Market?”)

Thrive is an online market that sells TONS of healthy products at a huge discount!

Why Thrive is amazing:

  • It is great if you live somewhere without a store like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods because they sell all the same products for less money, AND it gets dropped off at your front door!


(everyone likes mail right?)

  • Your membership helps pay for the memberships of people who have a hard time affording the things they sell. Yay altruism!
  • They usually have extra deals going on like and extra 20% off a certain brand, or a FREE GIFT with your order (they’re responsible for my addiction to Simple Mills crackers)
  • It’s not just food! They sell shampoo, household items, reusable food containers, baby products, menstrual products, vitamins and supplements.
  • They tell you how much you are saving based on the average cost of the products vs. the prices they sell them at. In case you are one of those people who loooooves seeing how much money they saved.

I suppose now would be a good time to mention that Thrive Market doesn’t pay me to advertise for them. They can thank me later (I’ll accept Simple Mills as gratuity)

It’s something I really love and use all the time. I want to pass this advice on to as many people as I can, because the biggest complaint I hear about living a healthy lifestyle is how expensive it is and I am heeeeeere to help!

So what are some of my favorite things to order from Thrive?

Pantry staples. Things like; tomato paste, coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil, coconut aminos, coconut milk, bars (like Epic or Primal Kitchen), flours and starches (like almond flour, coconut flour, arrowroot powder, tapioca powder) and of course nut butters!!

I also get a lot of household items from Thrive. This one almost deserves it’s own post, cause the list is just so vast. But you can get things like dish soap, trash bags, laundry detergent, face wash, deodorant etc, etc, etc.

I feel like you probably get it by now. It’s freaking awesome.

If I’ve managed to convince you that it’s entirely possible to eat real food on a budget, first of all, hooray! Second of all, if you’d like to join Thrive Market click here!

They have an awesome friend referral program so if you join, they’ll donate a membership to a low income family AND we both get entered to win all kinds of discounts and goodies. PLUS I’m pretty sure that all new members get an extra 15% off their first order.

I could go on with some other tips and tricks for sticking to a budget while eating healthier– but they’re all kind of common sense and honestly just don’t even compete with what you save at Thrive. So I’m just always going to throw that piece of advice out there and hope you all run with it cause it is awesome!